As an Art Director & Senior Designer/Illustrator with over 21 years of professional experience in Sports Branding & Entertainment, The Zuzuku Portfolio you see here features the designs of some of the most prominent logos and branding programs in Major League Sports and Entertainment which are recognized worldwide and designed by Zuzuku. Since 1992 while working as Senior Designer and Art Director with SME: World Leader in Sports Branding, NYC, together with CEO and Sr. Art Director Ed O'Hara, Zuzuku has been working hard
for many years as an artist behind-the-scenes, secretly re-shaping and improving the images and visual identities of many of the world's top entertainment brands. Designing branding programs that consistently prove to revive and inspire the spirit of the brand essence. From fan spirit and team spirit to event attendance, merch sales, cultural relevance and brand positioning... progressive times call for progressive design approaches that evolve with the culture and expectations of a demanding and quickly evolving audience.

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